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Fireplace Tools

Fireplace Tools

Pilgrim Fireplace Tools Model 1090 - Click for Details

What to look for when shopping for fireplace tools

The fireplace toolset pictured to the left is Pilgrim Model 18006, which represents everything we recommend in a good quality fireplace tool set. It is made from wrought iron, which is heavy duty and rugged...meaning you can torture it with fire for many years and it will still perform as if it was it's first day on the job. The handles for each tool are solid, not screwed on, so they will not become loose. The brush is functional like a real broom and is not made of plastic, so it will not melt the instant it touches a hot coal. If you have owned a fireplace tool set in the past that has screw on handles or a screw on brush head, you will appreciate the solid construction of this and other similar fireplace tool sets even more because it is quite annoying to have these pieces come loose when you are stoking and poking at your fire.

Take particular notice to the tongs in this fireset. These tongs were patented by Pilgrim and are considered the most functional and durable tongs on the market. Other fireplace tool manufacturers now use this type of tong on their better fireplace tools. To use these tongs, you grip the two parts of the handle and spread them apart to grab entire logs and flop them over or move them wherever you want. These are incredibly more functional than the typical scissor style tongs you may be familiar with in less functional fireplace tools. The tool stand is also forged together as one piece, so it will not become loose and wobbly like so many other lesser quality fireplace tools.

Custom Options: This particular fireplace tool set can be ordered in a variety of custom finishes, including the natural iron finish as shown. Pilgrim even has special powder coat finishes designed to better withstand the elements for use with your outdoor fireplace. For custom options, please call and speak to one of our Fireplace Experts to discuss your needs: 1-800-201-1193

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